The Bryan Cooper Excellence in Volunteer Leadership Award

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The Bryan Cooper Excellence in Volunteer Leadership Award was established in remembrance of Volunteer Leader Bryan Cooper.  Bryan Cooper was a Lead Volunteer for our agency through the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program and Flagler Volunteer Service’s Board of Directors from the its inception.  He was one of the first RSVP Advisory Council Chairmen, one of the key volunteers that formed Flagler Volunteer Services, a Board Member, a Past President of the Board, a representative from one of the locations that we provided volunteer support to, and a committee member for many of our events and fundraisers.  He was an all-around perfect example of volunteerism in our county.  He passed away in 2013.  His leadership and dedication to service will never be forgotten.

The purpose of this award is to honor a Volunteer Leader whose dedicated leadership has led to significant achievements through volunteer activities within Flagler County.  This award is given to someone that has served in a leadership role of a volunteer program that has benefitted our community.  They do not need to be a member of Flagler Volunteer Services.  The winner will be presented the award at the Flagler Volunteer Service’s Volunteer Appreciation Event which will be held on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.

Eligibility: Nominees must have served in a leadership role and cannot have been a winner of this award in the past 5 years.

Award Criteria:

  • Effective use of leadership skills

  • Creative utilization of people, resources and opportunities

  • Ability to assess the needs, skills and interests of volunteers and inspire them to develop their potential

  • Understanding of organizational needs and goals and how these can be achieved through effectively engaging volunteers

  • The ability to match the needs of the volunteers with the needs of the organization

  • A strong sense of professional ethics

  • The nominee’s role in advocating for volunteerism in their community

  • Other community or volunteer involvement outside the nominee’s professional responsibilities.

Click the following link for a copy of the nomination form for the Bryan Cooper Excellence in Volunteer Leadership Award:

The Bryan Cooper Excellence in Volunteer Leadership Award